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Time Bomb Book by Eric Herman


Time Bomb Book By Eric Herman

Serial entrepreneur, Eric Herman and best selling author, John Mulry have released a new book that teaches frustrated business owners how to run a highly successful business. The book points out common mistakes business owners are making especially’ in regards to digital marketing.

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The release of this book is geared to explain the dangers that face every local business and entrepreneur. The authors entitled the book ‘Time Bomb’. The purpose of the book is to help business owners avoid getting involved with things that will destroy their business.

The book purports that most business owners are not aware of the things that will destroy their business. Many business owners get involved in what the authors call ‘sins’ that prevent them from moving forward.

These practices and actions cripple businesses and actually repel the most ideal customers. Typically the business owner are not even aware it is happening. The book promises the reader a complete understanding of these practices, how to spot them and stop them. By doing so they state that a struggling business will find itself succeeding in the new digital economy.

Eric Herman is a seasoned entrepreneur who has generated millions of dollars in sales online, real estate, finance, banking, and SaaS industries. He helps businesses, large and small, attract more leads and customers by using profitable omni-channel marketing strategies.

John Mulry’s mission is to transform 1,000,000 businesses by 2030. He is an award-winning, Dan Kennedy-trained trusted marketing advisor with a unique, deep knowledge that spans both online and offline direct response marketing. He’s one of the most sought after direct response email marketing consultants of his generation.

During the release period of the book, the authors are sending a complimentary hand-signed copy of ‘Time Bomb’ to anyone that visits the site.

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